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Hello! My name is Ryo, the maintainer of this site.

Suddenly, the term genderless has become popular in Japan these days, and more and more men are removing their hair.

It seems that even men overseas are treated as unclean if they do not treat the unwanted hair below the neck, so I hope that men’s hair removal and hair removal will become common in Japan as soon as possible.

There is good news for those who are worried about unwanted hair like me.

We will introduce the shops that sell the topical hair removal cream and rugged blare, their effects and how to use them.

It has become a hot topic on SNS and YouTube, and I think that many of you who are reading this article knew it.

However, what YouTuber introduces in particular is mostly for corporate projects, is it really effective? Is it effective but does not really have an adverse effect on the skin?

For those who are worried about purchasing, I will carefully explain what the author with weak skin and bristles investigated about that area.

It is used for your own important body, so please take a look to the end.

First of all, I will describe the effects that are of concern .

The effect of rugged blare
① Raggie Blair can remove hair in a short time.
Just apply it, wait and let it flow! The waiting time is about 5 minutes, so you can experience the effect in a blink of an eye in the clearance time.
It’s best to wash it off, but it can be removed by simply wiping it with a tissue.

If you want to remove a small amount of hair, you can use it quickly after preparing for the morning and it will be completed in less than 10 minutes. Even in places with a lot of unwanted hair, you can apply it while stretching it with an integrated sponge, so it does not take much time.

In terms of the effect being obtained in a short time, isn’t it effective for men’s hard and thick hair? However, even male unwanted hair can be finely removed and the hair roots can be removed so beautifully that it cannot be seen.

(2) It contains botanical ingredients (21 types) and is okay for people with sensitive skin.
General hair removal cream naturally contains ingredients that dissolve hair, but at the same time, those ingredients damage the skin. I will.

Therefore, in order not to hurt the skin, skin-beautifying ingredients and moisturizing ingredients are indispensable, but it is safe because Laggie Blair also contains such skin-friendly ingredients.
I am very happy that I can easily remove hair in a short time and that I do not need to moisturize after removing hair.

It’s time to use it repeatedly, but since it contains safe ingredients, you can use it when you’re worried about your own unwanted hair.

It can be used easily in a short time and has a high hair removal effect, so it becomes addictive, and it seems that some people apply it to the same part even if the hair is not noticeable, but if
the interval of use is extremely short, it will be on the skin. It can be a burden and may cause a tingling sensation, so it is recommended to open it for at least 1 week to 10 days.

③ Expiration date of rugged blare
, hair suppression effect Since hair can be removed in a short time, the duration of the effect is short, isn’t it? Many people may think that, but that is not the case.

There are individual differences in hair thickness, and it is not possible to say a definite period of effect, but the period until it grows will gradually become shorter.

Raggie Blair, which can remove hair in a short time, can generally be expected to have the above effects if it is used continuously.

* However, as a major premise, the effect is different from the product that eliminates hair roots, so you can expect that the period until it grows will be shorter, but if it grows again, you need to use rugged blare, so be careful there. Is required.

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Difference from general hair removal cream of Raggie Blair
・ Higher hair removal effect・ Can be
applied over a wide area of ​​the body with an integrated sponge
・ No need for moisturizing or maintenance after hair removal
・ Water resistant specifications that can be used even in the bath

[Advantages for women]
It’s okay to just put on your nails!

Again, Raggie Blair is a product that is integrated with a sponge, unlike general hair removal creams.

If you apply the cream to the place where you want to remove the hair, you can spread it over a wide area with an integrated sponge, so if you notice the part that is hard to see from yourself, you can apply it.

I’ve written only good effects, but what are the disadvantages of Raggie Blair?
Even the part that describes the good effect is supplemented as a cautionary note, but for the sake of clarity, the part that seems to be bad for rugged blare is also summarized below.

・ If the interval between uses is extremely short, it may put a strain on the skin and cause a tingling sensation
・ Especially for people with atopic skin or extremely weak skin, it is necessary to perform a patch test before using.
・ There is a high possibility that the number of customers at the hair removal salon will decrease.

We also introduce Instagrammers!
So far, we have introduced the effects, advantages, and disadvantages of Ruggie Blair, but influencers are also actually introducing the effects of Ruggie Blair on SNS.

Aimi Shimizu, who has more than 110,000 Instagram followers (as of May 4, 2020)!

Aimi Shimizu also wrote that it is easy to apply in 3 steps: apply → wait → flush, and the container has a sponge so it is easy to apply.

He is a swimsuit producer and is a very famous beauty in the industry.

As far as I can see from Instagram photos, I’m a very beautiful person, so I think I’m very particular about the beauty products I use.

Of course, I’m particular about the effect, but the packaging is cute and looks great on Instagram.

At this rate, it seems that it will be a site that introduces Aimi Shimizu, so I will return to the story, but … (laughs)

Rather than looking at a site where the effects and benefits of hair removal cream are written in a long sentence, the fact that these celebrities are using it will change the reliability considerably.

Ingredients, odors and scents of rugged blare
・Contains 21 kinds of luxurious botanical (natural) ingredients! A low-burden hair removal cream for delicate skin!

Luxy Blair is different from general hair removal creams because it contains plenty of botanical (natural) beauty effect ingredients.

It is a gentle prescription that makes your skin fluffy, and is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

・ Highly blended calcium thioglycolate while suppressing the burden!

Hair removal cream contains a high amount of “calcium thioglycolate,” which is a major ingredient that dissolves and decomposes hair protein.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier, it cleanly removes men’s thick waste hair.

Since it contains a high amount of calcium thioglycolate, you can remove hair cleanly and quickly.

You can make it in the morning of the important day.

– the unique scent of hair removal cream 9 percent cut!

People who use dyeing powder and hair removal cream on a regular basis can understand it, but the hair removal cream tends to give off a scent like wasabi.

Not only is the effect of Raggie Blair surprising, but it also has a non-unpleasant scent like matcha milk, which allows you to remove hair quickly and comfortably.

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